In my bid for the County Council District 3 seat, I will focus on issues important to District 3, such as revitalizing the Golden Mile, where my business is located, and securing funds to expand U.S. 15 to alleviate traffic congestion. I, Joe Parsley,  am honored to ask for your vote on November 6th.

Committed to:

  • Listening and finding common sense solutions
  • Personal responsibility
  • An effective County Council that is a check and balance to the County Executive
  • Small efficient Government and low county taxes

I Value:

  • Our farming and agricultural community
  • Our senior citizens and ensuring they can afford to live here
  • Respect for personal property rights
  • As an avid outdoors man, I value our natural beauty, open space, clean water, fresh air and wildlife

I Support:

  • Prioritizing funding for government’s critical services
  • Sheriff’s Department, Fire and EMS
  • Education, teachers and support staff
  • Infrastructure; roads, bridges, schools, libraries & parks