Frederick County has been a wonderful place for Gloria & I to raise our family and operate our business.  I want to see Frederick continue to be this special place!  Small, efficient government and an individual’s responsibility to take care of his or her self are needed today. It is time for me to help District 3.  I am a small businessman who has employed hundreds of  people over 30 years in entry level positions. I understand the challenges of operating a business and the responsibility of signing paychecks.  I want to help bring that common sense to Frederick County.

on November, 6th!

  • Frederick County Resident for Over 38 Years

    I have been a resident of Frederick with my wife Gloria for 38 years and we’ve been blessed to raise our 5 children here. I have operated Frederick Shell Carwash on the “Golden Mile” for the past 34 years.

  • Small Business Employer in Frederick County

    I have employed hundreds of people over 30 years in entry level positions including those affected by the opioid epidemic that deserve a second chance. I know what it’s like to be responsible for my employees and the
    paychecks I sign.

  • Passionately Committed to Frederick County Charities

    I continually assist dozens of charitable organizations, schools and causes. Over the years, I have donated my company profits through the many fundraisers held at my business.

  • Proud Former Frederick County Foster Parent

    I believe in personal responsibility and with my wife, have lived this by fostering more than 40 children over 20 plus years.

  • Experience Counts

    I will bring business experience and sensibility to the County Council.



In my bid for the County Council District 3 seat, I will focus on issues important to District 3, such as revitalizing the Golden Mile, securing highway user funds to alleviate traffic congestion throughout Frederick. I will support our sheriff in keeping Frederick safe from crime and gangs. Frederick must never become a sanctuary county. I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th!

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  • Listening and finding common sense solutions
  • Personal responsibility
  • An effective County Council that is a check and balance to the County Executive
  • Small efficient government and low county taxes


  • Our farming and agricultural community
  • Our senior citizens and ensuring they can afford to live here
  • Respect for personal property rights
  • As an avid outdoors man, I value our natural beauty, open space, clean water, fresh air and wildlife


  • Prioritizing funding for government’s critical services
  • Sheriff’s Department, Fire, EMS & keeping Frederick County safe
  • Education, teachers, support staff, their working conditions & pay
  • Quality infrastructure, safe roads, bridges, schools, libraries & parks